Sloping Blocks...

Do you have a sloping block of more than 1.5 meters ? Having problems finding your dream home and a builder to

customise your new dream home to suit the land?


Phoenix Homes has many alternatives to concept designing your dream home on a sloping block. Consider a cut and fill option, if for example your slope is 2m then a cut off 1m and fill of 1m isn’t too bad, with some minor retaining walls and additional drainage requirements, nothing becomes to drastic. Another option is a split level design or the option of combining the two options, each site has its own character and must be asset accordingly. At Phoenix Homes we prefer better to work with a slope than to dig through it. Remember there are some good points when it comes to sloping blocks. They often have better views than level blocks and they can work well with elevated homes.


In general, it is best to give Phoenix Homes a call for a site assessment prior to purchasing you property, you must have with you a discloser plan obtained from the vendor or from your conveyancing lawyer. The discloser plan (prepared by a surveyor) will assist us in the determining a design concept and advice, you will need to build your dream home on the land prior to purchasing.  We will advise you on the best building method to suit your block.


Our specialists are available at your convenience to discuss the process and advise you on the options available.


                                                                         Call today and get your home on its way.


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Homes Builders Phoenix Homes
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