Custom Designs...

         Here at Phoenix Homes we don’t just build houses for clients. We build new custom homes in N.S.W for,

and with, people just like you. While other builders may stick to standard plans, we take a different approach.


         Each home we build features a unique design concept that is completely custom to suit individual requirements. We start all new projects with an open mind to suit your individuality. We custom design either from a blank piece of paper or from existing plans. Nobody knows your ideal home or your budget as well as you do. So throughout your home, build & design process, we'll work closely with you to achieve the home you want, at the price you can afford.


          We value a positive building experience, open and honest communication, leading edge design and cost effective solutions. When you choose Phoenix Homes to build a custom home, you have a wide array of choices available. You have complete control over every single detail. We take the time to listen to your ideas and have them incorporated into your final design.



Our specialists are available at your convenience to discuss the process and advise you on the options available.


                                                                         Call today and get your home on its way.


Homes Builders Phoenix Homes
Homes Builders Phoenix Homes