Knock Down Rebuilds...


Phoenix Homes, realises that there are many main reasons to build a new home in place of your old, such as-


                                                                                  - you love your neighbourhood and where you live

                                                                                  - familiar friends, neighbours,  schools,  shops & other amentities

                                                                                  - children with their friends & schools

                                                                                  - extended close families

and much more..


                Usually, people want more space, a better looking more functional home and a modern look.

No matter what the reason, Phoenix Homes specialist will give you all the advice you will need to get started, ncluding the design of your new home.

                 Here, at Phoenix Homes, we will take care of your new home and assist you in arranging everything from all the building approvals, council approvals, demolition, BASIX and any heritage or conservation issues. Heritage and conservation controls are especially important when considering a KDR in older suburbs of sydney and in the outer west regions of bathurst. Will take care of  the design of your choice and the construction of your new dream home, even the landscaping... just move in. We can deliver a home which is more water and energy efficient, more modern, functional and built to your personalised specifications and your individual lifestyle.

                 Knock down rebuilds have costs of demolition, however,  they out way the costs by saving on stamp duty on a new property. Out with the old.... and in with the NEW. Knock down rebuilds can be more cost effective than renovating your old home and saves all the drama involved. Renovations can be very expensive and can be hidden with many problems, some beyond repair. The benefits of a KDR are not just cosmetic, they're really worth it. Consider the advantages of a KDR, before you consider moving. Call into Phoenix Homes and discuss the right solution for you.


Our specialists are available at your convenience to discuss the process and advise you on the options available.


                                                                         Call today and get your home on its way.


Homes Builders Phoenix Homes
Homes Builders Phoenix Homes
Homes Builders Phoenix Homes