Narrow Blocks...

Do you own or plan on buying a Narrow or Small house lot?

Are you planning on Sub-dividing a larger block of Land?


In the heart of Sydney, for the past 10 years building lots have reduced in width, due to the increase in house prices and to cope with more population density. Phoenix Homes caters for lot widths from 7.5m to 12.5m frontages, which have been cleverly designed to maximum the size and space of all rooms within the house.


If you have a large lot and wish to sub-divide for maximum financial return, then talk to our specialist and we can offer a service to knock down and rebuild two narrow homes, increasing financial rental potential returns.


Our specialists are available at your convenience to discuss the process and advise you on the options available.


                                                                         Call today and get your home on its way.

Homes Builders Phoenix Homes
Homes Builders Phoenix Homes